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Allow your mind and heart to open to all you desire.

I know that you have dreams of an abundant fulfilled life. I believe in you and your dreams. You just do not know how to live your dreams. I can show you.


Hello, I'm Kathleen Collins.

As a personal development coach I focus my attention on shattering limiting beliefs. I open your mind to discover your innate abilities and talents. I facilitate your growth into realizing an enriched, abundant, prosperous life.


I know that most people want more from their life. People know there is more to living than what they are now doing. In order to accomplish the “mo re”, one requires clear direction, a willingness to change and a facilitator to guide you.


Kathleen Collins and the Thinking Into Results coaching process works with science and the natural laws of the universe to reprogram your subconscious mind for permanent results.


If you want it, I can help you get it: Improved self-image, wealth, relationship, weight loss/fitness, career change, or insert your dream here ________.

“My life didn’t please me so I created my life.”


Astonish yourself with what you can become.
Request a complimentary strategy session with Kathleen.

What are you trading a day in your life for?
What calls to you?

As your personal coach, I provide you with a safe, supportive environment for your transformation to occur. I support you with a sense of humour and I guide you with kindness and accountability.

While working together, you will receive:

  • Weekly webinar with me for lesson facilitation

  • One-on-one coaching calls for support

  • Self-paced lessons


One life, one life to live. Run passionately towards your wildest dreams.

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